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Adding tags from a GPX file to your photos (Geotagging)

GPS is the gratest thing after digital cameraes in my opinion. So how do you geotag (get the GPS information into the EXIF of your photos) photos after they have been taken? You will need a device that can generate … Continue reading

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Guide to setting up the Eclipse IDE for Symbian S60 development

This is my take on the setup of a windows XP 32 computer for developing applications for the Symbian S60  Nokia devices. The setup stated by Nokia is located at the link: The rationale for creating a new guide is … Continue reading

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Changing image file names based on the EXIF date and time

I name all my photos in the format of “year_month_day__hour_minute_second” e.g. “2009_11_08__10_55_32″. This way I am sure that not 2 images are named the same. The best way of doing this (in my opinion) is to use Exiftool. Exiftool is … Continue reading

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